Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chicken Mint Tikki

How to make Chicken Mint Tikki:

We know the different types of  chicken recipes. Here one special chicken recipe is shared with all my readers. This recipe is good for digestion also as mint  is mixed with it. So everyone should try at home and share your opinion with us.
It is a protein rich recipe.


  1. Chicken-100gm
  2. Pudina(mint)-50gm
  3. Green chilly-2ns
  4. Cornflour-2tbspn
  5. Oil-5tbspn(for frying)
  6. Salt-as required

 How to Prepare: 

  • Cut the chicken into small pieces.Grind this in a mixi.
  • Chop Mint and green chilly.
  • Mix these all in a bowl with cornflour.Make them to cutlet shape.
  • Fry in non-stick pan and serve hot.
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