Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mutton Roast

How to Make Mutton Roast:

Roasted meat recipes are always a favourite recipes for non-vegetarians. Many of us like to eat Mutton recipes which is very tasty,So here I am sharing one special Kerala style Mutton Roast recipe. 

Mutton Roast

Ingredients required:

  • Mutton - 1kg
  • Onion -100gm
  • Tomato -100gm
  • Potato -300gm
  • Red chilly,dried -7ns
  • Pepper,powdered-1tspn
  • Cloves and Cardamom -6ns each
  • Ginger and Cinnamon -1 piece each
  • Vinegar - 3tbspn
  • Garlic-15ns
  • Ghee-50gm
  • Salt - as required


  1. Make a paste of Garlic,Ginger,Pepper powder and salt.
  2. Add this paste to the Vinegar and paste on the mutton,place it for 15 minutes.
  3. Sauté onion,dried red chilly,Cloves,Cinnamon and cardamom in ghee.
  4. Again Sauté this along with onion and mutton 10 minutes .
  5. Add one or two cup of water to it and cook covered till it dries. 

Note: Water should be completely dried off.

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